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Paediatric Chiropractic

You may be wondering why infants and children would need chiropractic care. One of the primary reasons why we encourage parents to have their children adjusted is the birth process can be hard on a child’s upper neck in particular. “It’s been my observation that difficulties during childbirth expose children to structural problems in the upper neck,” said Chiropractor Michael McKibbin.

The Nervous System As Master Controller

The nervous system is the master controller and the coordinating system in the body. If there’s interference between the brain and the tissue cells or the tissue cells and the brain that may adversely affect the function of the infant or child.

Many parents wonder if a chiropractic adjustment is uncomfortable for their child. Our chiropractor uses very minimal pressure to reduce a fixation in a vertebral joint in an infant. “Adjustments are very light. I can adjust a segment without creating discomfort for a child,” said Michael.

According to Michael, once children have been adjusted once or twice and feel better, they aren’t nervous. If your child is anxious our chiropractor might examine them on one visit and wait until a subsequent appointment to adjust them. Rest assured he won’t adjust your child until they feel relaxed and happy to get adjusted.

We’ll take the time to listen to you about what your goals are for your child. Perhaps you’ve heard that chiropractic care may promote optimal health in children. Once we find out what you’re seeking, Michael will perform a physical examination to try to and diagnose the problem.

This exam may include neurological, orthopaedic, postural and muscle tests. Michael will then discuss his findings with you and explain his recommendations for care for your child.

Is there any negative impact of my child getting adjusted?

How much pressure is used to adjust an infant?

Very slight pressure is applied to adjust a baby. It’s about the same that’s used to check a tomato for ripeness.
What can happen to a child's health if they have a subluxation?

Many childhood disorders can occur that are associated with subluxations. However, once those subluxations are addressed through chiropractic care, we often see improvements. These include an easier ability for a baby to breastfeed.
Can chiropractic help calm down my fussy baby?

In his many decades of practice, Michael has witnessed babies go from being fussy or irritable to calming down and sleeping easily. “I’ve seen babies fall asleep right in front of me after I’ve adjusted them,” he said.
Do I need a referral to bring my child in?

No. Though some patients are referred here by another healthcare provider, you can just book in.
Will my child need X-rays or scans?

No. Typically, we don’t take X-rays of children.

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