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50 Years of Lobbying Generations of Politicians Leaves Me with this Impression:

Dr. McKibbin, DCDecades of the containment and recent elimination of Australia’s traditional chiropractic required the silent complicity of all federal and State MPs. No one, Pauline Hanson, Carmen Lawrence, and any of the many MPs that I contacted was free to oppose publicly what has occurred.

22 years ago, I realised that the health care Establishment conceals Australia’s true total of medically caused deaths. I brought that great wrongdoing to the attention of many MPs, who without exception have remained an informed silent party about that.

My conclusion is that organised medicine owns the allegiance of, and the silence of, Australia’s political system, much of bureaucracy, and the media.

Having stated the foregoing, where Ben Morton is free to help he has been a great assistance.

Ben has approached medically aligned AHPRA with my lengthily request to have AHPRA give me back my legal right to have the word colic on my web page.

Information discrediting that ban is at

My thanks to Ben for doing what he could do.

Michael McKibbin DC

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