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New Patients at Attadale Chiropractic Clinic

Walking into our award-winning practice will make you feel like you’re right at home. Our friendly team will warmly welcome you with a smile and ensure you are comfortable and taken care of.

Your First Appointment

If it’s your first time seeing us, you will be greeted by our team and be asked to complete a new patient form at reception. You can complete this in our comfortable lounge waiting area while you wait to see your chiropractor.

The receptionist will escort you from the reception room to the consultation room. After viewing a brief video, you will meet Dr Mac. He enjoys taking a lot of care and time with his patients, ensuring they feel both heard and listened to, during a thorough consultation.

We focus on more than just looking at the symptom you may be experiencing, so we will ask a range of questions to try to see if subluxations are causing your problem.

If you require X-rays, we will organise that for you and proceed to care if you are a good candidate.

Additional Chiropractic Care

At Attadale Chiropractic Clinic, we want to help you with more than just the symptoms of pain. We want to help you enjoy long-term health.

If we decide you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care, we can discuss a tailored treatment plan. Many/most adult patients have acquired chronic subluxations which justify a 3 week care trial. During that time Dr Mac will focus on reducing your subluxations to remove the symptoms which you may be experiencing.

On the day of your first adjustment you will be given a comparative progress sheet with 2 columns. On the day of your first adjustment please fill in your current symptoms in the left hand column. At the end of your trial period, if you still have any symptoms, please detail that in the right hand column.

Your tailored care plan is carefully designed by Dr Mack. At each appointment we can review your care plan and see what progress has been made due to chiropractic care.

Start Your Better Health Journey!

Contact our team today to book your first appointment with Dr Mack. We offer Saturday appointments and early Friday mornings for your convenience.


New Patients at Attadale Chiropractic Clinic | (08) 9330 5298