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Evidence-Based Chiropractic

Attadale Chiropractic Clinic Offers An Explanation

For a century, philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractors managed subluxations that impacted upon the one nervous system’s two functional roles of overseeing the autonomic and the musculoskeletal systems.

Australia’s government has betrayed the health interests of patients who have subluxation-related disorders, by containing and eliminating philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic.

We have one nervous system. A part of containment and elimination is to ban chiropractors managing subluxation-related disorders arising in the autonomic part of the one nervous system. Chiropractors are limited to a few musculoskeletal disorders that share a high level of evidence.

Please find attached articles about the international use of spinal manipulation/adjustments to address a wide array of spine-related disorders.


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