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An Integrity Test

Dr. McKibbinAfter a car accident, I tested our GP’s Hippocratic medical image, of putting the patient’s interests first.

I saw Dr Cain, a family man of our church whose medical degree implied educated, trustworthiness.

At that time, I never suspected that medical practitioners the world over collectively ignored millions of patients’ subluxations that cause symptoms and profit from treating the patient’s subluxation-related symptoms for as long as the subluxation/s creates the symptom/s.

Dr Cain treated my syndrome’s symptoms for six months with no recovery. I consulted a chiropractor.

Later, I went back to tell Dr Cain that adjusting my subluxations had reduced my symptoms.

As I listed my symptoms that had either gone or improved, Dr Cain’s face grew red.

He interrupted, loudly decrying chiropractors as money-grabbing charlatans who pretended to help people.

I asked, “What of my improvement?” He replied, “That proves your symptoms were imaginary.”

I assumed his anger was in response to being exposed, I felt my trust in his integrity being shattered.

Leaving his clinic, I wondered how other chiropractic patients coped with their GP betraying their trust.

Dr Cain remained among the society’s elite within our community. He failed my integrity test.

Later, as a chiropractic student, it was usual for other students to recount their similar experiences.

I came to understand that many/most chiropractic patients share the sequence of medical failure, no referral and subsequent chiropractic success.

We heard a few of the thousands of graduates who served prison sentences tell of medical persecution.

The crux of organised medicine’s global war on chiropractic is to have medical practitioners stop subluxated patients from being relieved through chiropractic.

Australia has over 31,000 GPs. Seemingly, most are passively or actively, covert front-line supporters of the global conspiracy to restrict the growth of, to contain, chiropractic.

“Over 300,000 Australians visit a chiropractor every week”[i] Virtually all of them would have been self-referred.

Australia’s media has omitted to publicise Australia’s decades of involvement in this conspiracy[ii]

Hence, that conspiracy is not general public knowledge.



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