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Australia is Leading the Way!

Dr. McKibbinGlobal organised medicine has successfully stopped patients from understanding that billions of vertebral subluxations exist.

Few know that when subluxations disrupt communication between the brain and tissue cells, the body’s innate intelligence creates subluxation-related symptoms, prompting the person to have the subluxation located and corrected, to restore healthy function.

Few know that it is inappropriate for globally organised medicine to use either drugs or surgery to treat the world’s vast number of subluxations. Few know that chiropractic is the right management for those subluxations.

Few know about the global containment and the elimination of philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic and its replacement with mechanistic chiropractors.

For fifty years, I told seemingly “good people” in the media and government about organised medicine’s global war on chiropractic. I tested their integrity and found that organised medicine owns their allegiance.

Australia’s national betrayal of patient interests required and received the informed cooperation of the medical profession, our state and federal politicians, their informed bureaucracy, and the media.

Public apathy and ignorance allows Medicine’s opportunity to 1) ignore all subluxations and 2) provide medical treatment of the symptoms for as long as the subluxations continue creating the symptoms.

After decades of containment and recent steps by Australia’s government to eliminate philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic, Australia is now at the forefront of this global medical market capture.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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