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Chiropractic 1-0-1

Everyone should know this.

Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McKibbinNormally, human spinal columns have thirty-three vertebrae. The upper 24 pre-sacral vertebrae are articulating, intervertebral discs separate them from each other, and in adults, the lower nine are fused; five in the sacrum and four in the coccyx, or tailbone.

Spines are often overloaded, triggering a sequence of events. There may be a minor loss of normal position, a loss of joint range of motion, and a change in the spine-related nerve transmission to the body part that the particular nerve supplies.

In the late 1800s, DD Palmer hypothesised that many common ailments arise from disruption of the spine-related nerve supply between the tissue cells and the brain. Palmer validated his theory by locating and correcting such disruptions. Each of his subsequent successes arose from locating and correcting a vertebrae’s loss of its range of motion, and its normal position and, reducing the interference to spine-related nerve transmission. He termed those faults subluxations. The importance of the term subluxation justifies its being in everyday use.

Substantial global medical profit arises from ignoring many millions of subluxations and medically managing their symptoms for as long as the subluxation creates the symptom/s.

Over decades, Palmer’s discovery created the opportunity for the world’s chiropractors to locate and correct millions of subluxations, that would cost global medicine billions of dollars in lost income. That triggers organised medicine’s global trade war’s containment and elimination of philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic in Australia.

Medicine’s Early Market Defence. Long ago, global medicine influenced politicians to create monopoly laws in many countries including Australia. The WA Supreme Court provided this legal opinion, “Anything that concerns a treatment or advice for the treatment of bodily ailments is a medical service.” In the USA alone, the price paid to break that monopoly was chiropractors serving 3,200 prison sentences.

Chiropractic graduates who had joined that battle and served prison sentences returned to Palmer College to tell students about their experiences. My fellow students who harked from many countries, also faced the threat of prison sentences upon their return to practise.

When imprisonments failed to curb the global spread of chiropractic, US medical associations conspired to first contain and eventually eliminate chiropractic in the USA and elsewhere.

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