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Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Dr. McKibbinThe prevalence of LBP among the elderly individuals ranged from 21 to 75%.[i]

According to Principia Premium! – (Fundamentals First!) by Dr. Jean Marie Charcot

This story begins from a basic truth: a machine works better when its moving parts are aligned, balanced and operating smoothly. Function is impaired when they aren’t. Your body works in much the same way. Its bones, joints and related tissues are fundamental structures of your function. Much of your pain and dysfunction are the equivalents of a machine’s squeaks and rattles. The science concerning this is called biomechanics: mechanics related to living tissues.[ii]

In the 1960s, Palmer Chiropractic College taught that subluxations 1) might occur in virtually everybody, birthing babies, toddler’s falls, the rough and tumble of youth, the physical, chemical and emotional stressors of adult life. 2) They may occur throughout life and that they seem to be common, with or without symptoms, to the human condition.

Palmer Chiropractic College students learnt to expect that many subluxated chiropractic patients would tell of feeling poorly and that adjustments usually coincide with the removal of that symptom.

We learned that early chiropractic research evidenced that degenerative spinal joints often reflect a history of sudden or long-term overloading and/or neglect. Hence, a primary focus of a subluxation- based chiropractic practice is to detect, analyse and correct vertebral subluxations and importantly to then maintain optimal spinal function.

Students learned that regular spinal check-ups help people to have a life in which, most of the time, their spine-related nervous system functions optimally by providing a disruption free flow of information-energy to and from their tissue cells and their brain.

Relatively few humans have experience the feeling of being freed of disruption to their information-energy flow to and from their brain and their tissue cells. Please make spinal maintenance care a regular part of your health care.

[i] Prevalence of low back pain in the elderly population – NCBI National Institutes of Health (.gov) › articles › PMC6807

[ii] According to Principia Primum! – (Fundamentals First!) by Dr. Jean Marie Charcot

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