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Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McKibbinEPIPHANY: The word refers to having a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation.

By my twenties I had a vague doubt about the trustworthiness of the strata of society that controls the population.

Many minor epiphanies during my fifty years as a self-appointed lobbyist observing the conduct of the “Establishment”, politicians and relevant parts of their bureaucracy, media people and key medical people revealed them to be actively or inactively, overtly or covertly complicit in great evil.

Our society functions on the pretext that the Establishment is trustworthy. Citizens lack the authority to counter their great evil.

The cream of society, the dangerous people who pretend to be trustworthy while betraying the health and lives of those they control make a mockery of the first duty of government, to protect the public.

Australia’s most influential people collude to conceal an epidemic of harm arising from medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder, an iatrogenic epidemic. Many thousands of future victims of the iatrogenic epidemic are imperiled by no forewarning from the Establishment.

Another great wrongdoing by the Establishment is cooperating in organised medicine’s global conspiracy to first contain and eventually eliminate philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic.

Politicians proclaim that a first duty of government is to protect the public from harm. Instead, they are a party to decades of failing to forewarn the public of Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic.

A 2000 submission to the WA department of health, by the WA Chiropractors Association, called for an end to permitting the iatrogenic epidemic to be concealed. No one has discredited the overall claim that the health care Establishment conceals a death toll of thousands due to medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder.

The comment section of the submission is well worth thoughtfully reading; it included:

“These admissions, from leading members of the medical profession, are almost mind-bending in their implications. The medical profession can no longer claim to be the protector of public health. It can claim, with justification, to be one of the prime causes of unnecessary death and disability in Australia. It can no longer justify its attempts to retard the development of other health professions on the pretext of safeguarding public health. It is past time for it to concentrate its energies on rectifying its own tragic mistakes. It appears that the stature and influence of the medical profession are the reasons why this tragic situation has not been widely disseminated by the news media.

Unless the new Medical Act specifically addresses this issue it will be swept under the carpet and treated as if it didn’t exist. Action, even if unpleasant and unpopular, must be taken to correct the horrifying problem of medical iatrogenesis.”

Australia’s key people in government and the media have ignored the submission and a great deal of literature confirming the presence of an iatrogenic epidemic/pandemic. The most influential Australians in government, the media and, medicine failed in their duty to confess to the public that Australia’s health care Establishment has for decades concealed an iatrogenic epidemic.

I shared the submission and a great deal of literature confirming Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic with many people from the health care Establishment. They remain informed supporters of concealment!

Summerising my research findings regarding iatrogenesis, I found that:

  • Evidence-based medicine never evidences the totality of the its own fatal harms.
  • There is no official national or international registry of either the true causes of all iatrogenic deaths or of their true magnitude.
  • Although Medicine’s literature supports the existence of an iatrogenic epidemic, no government in Australia collects and publishes an accurate account of our true total annual iatrogenic death toll.
  • No evidence aids the concealment of Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic.
  • Medicine’s literature reports an epidemic magnitude of iatrogenic deaths, no epidemic appears in the fictional government Report Cause of Death.
  • The correct number of deaths in the report appears to be true, the process of reporting the cause of death permits iatrogenic deaths to be reassigned to fictional none-iatrogenic causes.

For decades, I have informed many politicians and media people about the foregoing. Without exception, every one of them failed to investigate and either disprove what I said was happening or, to confirm there is great wrongdoing and, oppose it. Their informed inaction made them a party to this great evil.

Decades of investigation later, I still find it unbelievable that the world’s entire health care Establishment, a vast number of people, actively or passively, knowingly or unknowingly, support the concealment of the world’s iatrogenic pandemic.

I have tested the integrity of the media and politicians, without exception no journalist, no media outlet, no key media person published an account of Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic. No MP spoke in parliament calling for an end to the government’s concealment of Australia’s iatrogenic death toll.

Both the media and politicians are silent about the massive discrepancy between Medicine’s literature showing an iatrogenic epidemic and the government Report Cause of Death not ranking iatrogenic deaths among Australia’s top ten causes of death.

No MP asked the Minister for Health: Why is the government Report Cause of Death permitted to show the original underlying disorder instead of showing the true, actual cause of death? No MP asked for an end to the use of the dangerously misleading name of the report, Cause of Death. My point is that all of the MPs I communicated with seem to be passively complicit in what is happening.

An absence of an official national and international accurate registry of the causes of iatrogenic deaths leaves the global pathology courses without a true accounting of what medical products and services have killed medical patients around the world. Hence, no medical practitioner can know all of the medical causes of iatrogenic deaths.

No factual account of Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic permits the potentially lethal deception that the source of a leading cause of death public health, is acceptably safe.

Both Australia’s corona epidemic and 9/11,exemplify a saturation level of media publicity, both have had far fewer deaths than Australia’s decades long iatrogenic epidemic which the health care Establishment virtually conceals.

Australia’s regulators though obliged to defend patients from harm have imposed bans on chiropractors that deny our liberty to publish the fact that Chiropractic is safer than Medicine or that Medicine is more dangerous than Chiropractic.

That façade of trustworthiness endangers the lives of thousands of patients per year. The medical public health complex remains a/or the prime cause of unnecessary death and disability in Australia. Neither our government nor the medical profession can claim to be trustworthy protectors of public health.

Claims by the media to be trustworthy are discredited by decades of its informed silence about Australia’s accumulating unnecessary iatrogenic death toll. The media’s promotion of the false image of medicine’s impeccable trustworthiness imperils potential victims of iatrogenic harm. It aids medical attempts to retard the development of other health professions on the pretext of safeguarding public health.

In fifty years I have interviewed generations of politicians, pleasant friendly people. Years ago I was surprised by the candor of an MP’s summary of why the coalition was inactive about the iatrogenic epidemic. “It’s not an election issue.” “How would you define an election issue?” “It’s an issue that could cost us our seats.”

It is frightening to identify the villains in this real-life betrayal of the population’s health care. Those who never forewarn the medical patients who are about to die of iatrogenic’s fatal risks, of their impending peril. Those who are responsible for cooperating in organised medicine’s conspiracy to contain and eliminate Australi’s chiropractic profession.

I suspect that Big Pharma’s multi-trillion-dollar annual global income may have the economic clout to buy the international allegiance of the world’s health care Establishments. Some ultimate power has control over Australia’s rulers and entire media to stop all of them warning their electorates and audiences of the continuing thousands of iatrogenic deaths per year.

I am sure that Australia’s health care Establishment serves global organised medicine’s interests by containing and eliminating philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic.

I welcome your critique of what I publish.

Michael McKibbin

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