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Having a Re-Think

If you think that Australia’s media keeps the nation well informed, then join me in a re-think!

At a nationwide level, Australia must have a central control that dictates that crucially important information will never be published. This silence of Australia’s mass media serves as a form of population mind control.

Those who control Australia’s media coverage keep the public unaware of what has happened and is currently happening in our nation.

Decades of media silence have been imposed on 2 predetermined issues. The purpose of that media silence is to leave Australia’s public unaware of great evildoing.

1)  The term iatrogenesis refers to harm due to medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder. In his book, Bad Medicine Australian author John Archer used medical literature to guesstimate Australia’s annual iatrogenic death toll to be about 30,00 iatrogenic deaths per year.  I had zero success in my 20 years of trying to get our media to expose the government’s concealment of the magnitude of Australia’s epidemic of iatrogenic deaths.

2) Few people know of organised medicine’s US court-proven conspiracy to first contain and eventually eliminate traditional chiropractic in the USA and elsewhere. Australia’s health care Establishment is a co-conspirator in that evildoing.

During Australia’s decades of the containment of chiropractic, I had zero success in my appeals for media coverage of the many aspects of the containment and recent elimination of traditional chiropractic.

Australia’s media’s total exclusion of information about the evils perpetrated by Australia’s health care Establishment, the preclusion of chiropractic, the recent elimination of traditional chiropractic and, the concealment of Australia’s true total of iatrogenic deaths serves to preclude all of that information from the public mind.

The purpose of the silence of all of Australia’s media sources that I contacted is that media silence prevents Australia’s public from knowing and opposing the great evil that is occurring.

At a nationwide level, Australia must have a central control that dictates that this crucially important information will never be published. Australia’s mass media silence has become a form of population mind control.

By contrast, during my time as president of the Citizens Against Crime Association, my media articles were easily published.

I have emailed a “please explain” to many media outlets. It is at

My single person’s request to the major media sources to explain their silence will fall on deaf ears. Please take a few minutes to mail a copy of this item to your favorite media outlet to ask why it has been silent for decades about the containment and the elimination of traditional chiropractic,  and the concealment of Australia’s true total iatrogenic annual death toll.

Total media silence denies people who have subluxation-related symptoms and syndromes access to appropriate chiropractic care. This is not a myth, it is happening today, to our patients and, to our should-be chiropractic patients.

Please keep on teaching and referring patients for chiropractic care.

Best wishes from,

Michael McKibbin and staff

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