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Dr. McKibbinPublic trust is the foundation of today’s democracy. Public trust is eroding as citizens discover that those in power conceal their own dangerous conduct.

Please Note! When pillars of society share a commendable bright side, and a despicable, dangerous dark side, discovering its dark side ends the illusion of that pillar’s trustworthiness.

Although religious orders created benefits paedophilia’s gravity has caused that pillar of society’s power to crumble.

The term “health care Establishment” refers to another pillar of our society composed of Big Pharma collectively, pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, both the national governments and, their supporting bureaucracy, and the part of the media that promotes their collective interests.

When a person discovers these two examples of great wrongdoing it causes the integrity of the healthcare Establishment to crumble.

  1. Internationally, the health care Establishment’s dark side aids the concealment of a pandemic of iatrogenic deaths, those due to medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder.
  2. The health care Establishment’s dark side aids organised medicine’s global conspiracy to contain and eliminate traditional chiropractic.

Two examples of Containment:

  1. Many distraught parents experience their baby enduring the agony of colic. Few realise that right now, here in Australia the healthcare Establishment heartlessly denies access to information about chiropractic’s efficacy in managing subluxation-related colic.
  2. Subluxation-related headaches exemplify how global medicine reaps great profit by medically treating this mainly subluxation-related symptom while ignoring the subluxation and denying chiropractic’s efficacy.

Welcome to reality

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