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Australia's Trustworthy Media

Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McKibbin“Australia’s health care Establishment” refers to a sector of government, the medical hierarchy, and the media; the people who collectively manage our health affairs.

Our Establishment has for decades omitted to tell the public about 1) how many patients die due to medical treatment as distinct from their disorder and 2) the Establishment’s role in containing and eliminating traditional chiropractic. Omission conceals facts to protect medical profits.

The reader can judge how effective total media omission has been. Media silence has left Australia’s “sleeping people” unaware of chiropractic’s decades of containment and Medicines advantages due to the replacement of philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic with mechanistic chiropractic.

Senior patients may recall that around fifty years ago, Australia’s AMA followed the lead of the Iowa Plan by introducing a reversal of reality, a nationwide ethic-based boycott of chiropractors claiming that the boycott made it “ethical” for medics to deny patients access to chiropractic care.

Our media promoted that restraint of trade. Dr Doug Winter and I asked the assistant editor of the WA newspaper to publish our rebuttal. He pointed upwards and replied, “I can’t help you. You will have to pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps.”

Decades ago, Australia’s media omitted to ensure that the public knew that a US court found the boycott to be an illegal restraint of trade. Fifty years of media silence aids the boycott’s lingering effects in Australia’s medical practises. Deception by omission conceals great wrongdoing.

The media ignored my decades of sharing information about both the benefits of chiropractic care and the patient harm of containment. Over decades, my many contacts with media outlets and journalists alerted them to the intrigue that is betraying the health interests of millions of potential chiropractic patients.

No one in Australia’s media ever demanded that the government justify its decades of denying public patients who have subluxation-related disorders direct federally funded access to chiropractic care. For decades the media remained silent about how medically treating the subluxation-related symptoms of public patients greatly profits pharmacy-based medicine while exposing those patients to the unnecessary risk of medical harm.

The massive contrast between the daily mass media promotion of Medicine and the decades of omitting to publish positive articles about the outstanding outcomes of chiropractic care on medical failures has greatly impeded the growth of the use of chiropractic.

Seemingly, powerful people have the influence to place a blanket ban on the world’s media publishing positive articles about chiropractic and exposing the progress of organised medicine’s containment and the elimination of what chiropractic once was.

“Your ABC’s” trustworthy claim is contradicted by decades of omitting to tell the public about containment and Australia’s current elimination of philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic.

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