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DD PalmerIn 1895, DD Palmer (above) adjusted the spine of 1) a man with impaired hearing who regained his hearing. 2) DD adjusted a lady, with a heart problem, and her symptoms cleared.

That led DD to discover that 1) vertebral joints can lose their range of motion, move out of position, interfere with the function of the end organ and create symptoms. 2) That an adjustment can correct the subluxated joint allowing the body’s intelligence to restore normal function.

All mortals are destined to die.

“In 2021, the leading cause of death for males was coronary heart disease, accounting for 10,371 (12%) death.” “Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women.” “118 Australians die from coronary heart disease each day.”

A few months ago, in the early am, I was woken by intense pain. The pain’s source was a fixation of the 2nd left costovertebral joint. Trying to mobilise that fixation triggered my pacemaker alarm. Movements of my upper back retriggered the alarm. I called an ambulance and spent a couple of days in hospital.

I knew changes to my heart function had occurred when the joints between my ribs and my vertebrae subluxated. I wanted to know if an adjustment would restore my heart’s normal function.

Since becoming involved with chiropractic in the 1960s, I have never heard or read of someone having experienced having her/his costovertebral joints adjusted and having the actual immediate relief of acute heart symptoms.

A Father’s Day Validation.

On father’s day, my daughter and her twins joined me for breakfast at the Duxton Hotel.

Walking up a moderate hill to the hotel caused my heart to create some very unpleasant symptoms making me stop and sit in the hotel foyer. That was my chance to test if adjusting costovertebral subluxations would restore my normal heart function.

My activator was retrieved from the car. Using the activator and under my close supervision, the very tender fixated upper left rib and vertebral joints were located, adjusted, and mobilised.

My symptoms were relieved a few minutes after mobilising the involved costovertebral joints. That proved to me that my fixated costovertebral joints can initiate those heart-related symptoms.

I wonder if such a simple procedure could save any of the 118 Australians who die from coronary heart disease each day.

My symptoms did not reoccur. We went on to enjoy the Duxton’s great breakfast.

My role as a chiropractor is to assist patients of all ages to remain free of nerve interference.

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