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Politicians Must Know What is Going On!

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Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McKibbinGlobal political intrigue gave exclusive trading rights to medical doctors. Opposing that monopoly to gain their freedom to practise, US chiropractors served some 3,200-prison sentences. Internationally, legislators allowed that threat to chiropractors to remain until 2000.

Throughout my five decades practising chiropractic, Australia’s politicians have been a party to unjustifiably containing chiropractic in Australia’s private health marketplace. For decades state chiropractic registration Boards were neutral. Recently, politicians shifted chiropractic registration to medically controlled AHPRA, permitting the elimination of philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic.

Politicians aid global organised medicine’s conspiracy to contain and eliminate chiropractic.

That is bad, but there is worse!

Over twenty years ago, I validated that politicians and the mainstream media aid global organised medicine’s conspiracy to conceal the true rates of deaths due to medical harm as distinct from the patient’s disorder, both Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic and the global iatrogenic pandemic.

I will use the term “good people” to refer to the elected and the non-elected powerful people within our government, medicine, and the media. The ‘health care Establishment’ conceals the published information showing the existence of national iatrogenic epidemics and a global iatrogenic pandemic.

For decades the concealment of the epidemic risk within public health has permitted Australia’s “good people” to keep the average punters unaware of, and hence the risk of this peril.

From time to time Australia’s government publishes the report Cause of Death. It has the correct number of deaths with no mention of Australia’s apparent thousands of iatrogenic deaths.

Australia’s concealment occurs through the following arrangements:

No government department share a duty to ensure the truthful reporting of all iatrogenic deaths.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics cannot acquire truthful information about all iatrogenic deaths.

The fatally flawed World Health Organisation’s guidelines permit substitution on death certificates.

The cause of iatrogenic deaths has 12 categories. Our government provides only 2 categories.

The government’s report Cause of Death does not reveal Australia’s true total iatrogenic death toll.

The informed complicity of our mainstream media aids the concealment of the iatrogenic epidemic.

OK, you need a bit of background information.

The term iatrogenesis was popularised by Ivan Illich (Medical Nemesis, 1976). I will quote a few published articles about Australia’s ongoing iatrogenic epidemic.

Australia’s Media Reports confirm an Annual hospital-related iatrogenic total death toll of thousands
Over 20 years ago, The Medical Journal of Australia Vol. 163 6-11-1995 reported: “Extrapolation to all acute hospitals within Australia in 1992 indicates that 50000 patients would have suffered permanent disability and 18000 would have died as a result of their health care,..”i

Quoting a 1995 report by the then federal Minister for Health. Dr Carmen Lawrence relating to in-hospital iatrogenesis, “It is of great concern to me that between 25,000 and 30,000 people would have experienced an adverse event that resulted in some degree of permanent disability, and between 10,000 and 14,000 people would have died.”

An article by Mark Metherall in “The Age” newspaper, July 27, 2009, regarding a Federal Government Report about public health, noted that: “Hospital errors claim the lives of 4550 Australians a year, equivalent to the death toll from 13 jumbo jets crashing and killing all on board, says a report to the Government which urges sweeping reforms of the health system.” (Medical errors are just one of the 12 categories of medical harm.)

Meta-analysis is a statistical technique for combining the findings from independent studies. An Australian meta-analysis of public domain medical literature relating to the iatrogenic toll was conducted by Australia’s investigative journalist, John Archer in 1997 who used some of the medical literature to find that: “An epidemic which could affect up to 750,000 people and result in 50,000 deaths annually deserves to be a top research priority”.ii

US Confirmation.

In 2004, Null et al used “all available”, public domain medical literature to claim that in the USA: The total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.iii

The Global Iatrogenic Pandemic

Dr Liam Donaldson, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) envoy for patient safety made the amazing claim about doing business with medicine: “Millions of people die each year from medical errors and infections linked to health care.” It is important to understand that those millions of deaths that the WHO’s envoy was referring to arose from only two of the twelve categories of iatrogenesis used by Null et al in 2004, as listed below.

1. Adverse reactions to incorrectly prescribed drugs. 2. Adverse reactions to correctly prescribed drugs. 3. Errors (wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong patient) during surgery. 4. Medical error 5. Hospital-acquired infections 6. Bedsores 7. Malnutrition among hospitalized patients 8. Unnecessary medical procedures 9. Failure to properly diagnose 10. Misdiagnosis 11. Failure to correctly treat 12. Death arising from injury from therapeutic devices.

Both the benefits and rates of harm of medicine’s scientific evidence-based procedure, products and, services would be replicated in developed countries. According to the British Medical Journal v: “Studies in Australia,vi Israel,vii the United Kingdom viii and elsewhere, suggest levels of error and hazard in patient care that are no lower than in America.” Validating an iatrogenic pandemic!

White Lies, Black Lies and, Statistics.

Our government publishes an overview of the causes of death in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is our nation’s data gathering body. The ABS receives and publishes the data about how many people die per year and what caused their deaths.

ways to die graphFairfax Media published an article titled ‘WAYS TO DIE’. The journalist sourced the story and the graphic from Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS data.

The ABS publishes data about how many Australians die per year and assigns a cause to all of those deaths. Of all public information, no official ABS statistic has a greater priority.

The graphic accounts for the year’s death toll of 143,473. Each person’s death certificate should validate the cause of her/his death.

The graphic arrives at the total number of deaths without displaying either Archer’s 50,000 deaths in public domain medical literature, or the thousands of iatrogenic deaths reported elsewhere as a/or the leading cause of death.

I phoned the journalist to tell her that thousands of iatrogenic deaths were missing from the graphic. Iatrogenesis should have ranked among Australia’s top three causes of death. If the total number of deaths is correct, then thousands of iatrogenic deaths must have had a non-iatrogenic cause of death substituted for their real cause of death, iatrogenesis, on their death certificates.

The generations of thousands of patients who waited in the wings to come to centre stage and incur an iatrogenic death were endangered by the established deception that public health is acceptably safe. This informed, dangerous deception has to be premeditated evildoing.

The Government Statistician should have a true public record recognising all iatrogenic deaths. In 2009 the ABS data defined a fraction of Australia’s annual iatrogenic death toll at 259. That massive shortfall happened because:

1) The wording of the World Health Organisation’s guidelines appears to permit death certificates of patients who incurred an iatrogenic death to have the underlying cause of death to be substituted for the iatrogenic cause of death.

2) The government fails to ensure the truthful recording of the cause of all iatrogenic deaths.

3) Defining Australia’s true total iatrogenic death toll requires 12 categories of causes of iatrogenic death. The WHO ICD10 classification system only recognises two categories.

According to Lauren Moran. ix: The ABS does place particular focus on the underlying cause of death in the annual Causes of Death, Australia publication. This is due to the way each death is coded. When assigning a death with an underlying cause, the ABS mortality coders follow specific decision tables in the International Classification of Diseases (ed. 10) which is governed by the World Health Organisation. The aim of the underlying cause of death is not always to reflect the immediate event prior to death, but rather to capture the disease, disorder or, external event that led to other causes occurring. Any other items on the death certificate will then be coded as an associated cause.

The response by the ABS to my correspondence about this fatal flaw was that: “The issue of data discrepancies with regard to iatrogenic deaths in Australia is not currently on the ABS Mortality Statistics Forward Work Program, nor has it been in the recent past.”

This is amazing! No One can count Australia’s total iatrogenic death toll!

In July 2005, Australia’s Office of the Safety and Quality Council confirmed that: “There is currently no one body that correlates all information on rates of death due to treatment and in fact, there is no single source of statistics that provides an appropriate measure for safety and quality in Australia.”

Senator Nettle put question 1029, 14/7/05 to the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing: Within all categories of the iatrogenic spectrum, what is the total number of public health patients who die in Australia year as a result of iatrogenesis? It received the following reply: No data is available on the number of deaths annually of public health patients in all categories of the iatrogenic spectrum.

According to correspondence from Senator the Hon. Jan McLucas, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and Ageing (29 MAY 2009) “According to Causes of Death, Australia, 2007 `complications of medical and surgical care, was the underlying cause of 259 deaths in 2007.” That email also stated: “There is no specific data collected nationally for the category of iatrogenic deaths.”

Concealing a Pandemic.

The world’s countries that use the WHO guidelines and the International Classification of Diseases cannot know their national annual iatrogenic toll.

The Horrific Role of the World Health Organisation.

Australia’s causes of death, be it due to murder, suicide, road trauma, airline accidents, and natural causes may be subjected to; precise reporting, forensic scrutiny, complete and accurate data collection. Among those causes, it would be unacceptable to substitute a false cause of death for the true cause of death. Politicians should be aware of the difference between data collection for those causes and the fatally flawed data collection for Australia’s iatrogenic deaths.

Cause of death is legally required on medical certificates. Death certificates confirm a cause of death according to WHO guidelines, which seem to permit the substitution of a non-iatrogenic cause of death for an iatrogenic cause of death.

To define the iatrogenic toll in the USA, Null et al used 12 categories of medical causes of death. The WHO International Classification of Diseases 45 subcategories only include “complications of medical and surgical care”. The CDC10 guideline, cannot define a nation’s true iatrogenic death toll.

In the USA according to Noel Eldridge, MS Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: “There is not presently a reliable and up-to-date estimate for the number of deaths related to iatrogenic injury in the US, or in any other nation (to my knowledge).”xi

In Canada: “No one has the slightest idea how many iatrogenic errors might be uncovered if the entire field of medicine were to be studied particularly if the same forensic intensity were applied that is accorded highway accidents and crime scenes.”xii

Media Hypocrisy.

1n 1976 Illich warned of an iatrogenic epidemic. In 1995, Archer’s information was published. In 2000, the Chiropractor’s Association of WA made a submission about an iatrogenic epidemic. I circulated excerpts to MPs, to the health bureaucracy and, to the media. In the intervening years, many media staffers received my widely circulated overviews such as ‘A journalist’s assignment’.

For decades, the government and the media have known of, but remained silent about, Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic and the global pandemic. Substitution of a non-iatrogenic cause of death and having only two instead of ten categories permit reallocation of the causes of death from iatrogenic to non-iatrogenic causes of death. So officially, Australia has no iatrogenic epidemic.

Factual forewarning of that risk and knowing about safer alternatives could save many lives. “Good people” show no compassion for the trusting future victims who the wings, soon to die, far more to be permanently harmed.

I have eyeballed these “good people”, written to many of them, talked to them in person or on the phone, and sent them information. How any politician, journalist or staff at a media outlet can understand this and be a silent party to decades of concealing this carnage while giving callous reassurances that public health is acceptably safe, is beyond me.

The 2004 publication by Null et al highlighted the necessity of having adequate categories to define the nation’s iatrogenic toll and concluded that “the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US”. Gary Null knocked on many doors, only to find a similar response.

The media’s complicit silence is essential to the decade’s long heinous concealment, by the Establishment, of Australia’s true total iatrogenic death toll.

The media blackout has been and still is, so effective that Australia’s ‘average punters’ remain ignorant of the meaning of the term iatrogenic or that there is an ongoing iatrogenic epidemic. Very few know that substitution conceals Australia’s thousands of iatrogenic deaths per year from public view. Decades of informed media total silence has left the iatrogenic toll out of both public awareness and conversation.

Regarding motive.

In his book, Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime, its author Professor Peter Gøtzsche, shows how massive corruption by big pharma undermines the integrity, validity, effectiveness and, safety of a great deal of medical research, its practise and the media.

“Like the drug industry, the media are immensely powerful, and when the two join forces, falsehoods are at their worst.”

The media should be less focused on a single murder here and there and more focused on drugs that kill thousands of patients. The public knows very little about this and virtually nothing about organised crime in the drug industry.

Political Hypocrisy

Both previous Prime Ministers, Mr Turnbull and Mr Abbott claimed; “A first duty of government is to protect the public”.

Since 2000, my mass mail-outs to MPs ensured that they knew that the iatrogenic epidemic endangers thousands of impending victims. MPs should be aware that the continuing arrangements that conceal the true magnitude of iatrogenic deaths and permanent harm endanger impending victims.

Throughout the years as thousands died or were permanently harmed parliamentarians, who should have known of this major threat to health and lives, failed to ‘protect the public’ in this regard.

Politicians and the media have ignored my correspondence about the iatrogenic epidemic. While claiming to be trustworthy “your ABC” has never confronted either the political intrigue of the worldwide concealment of the iatrogenic pandemic or the intrigue of Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic.

A few years ago, Australia’s War Memorial figures showed that in the years since 1860-61 the total war caused death toll among Australia’s serving defence force personnel, in all of the wars in which Australia has been a combatant totalled 102,820. Wars end. Iatrogenic death continue. Seemingly, Australia’s accumulating, decades long, total iatrogenic death toll far exceeds a hundred thousand.
The Establishment’s promotion of Anzac day contrasts to the decades of secrecy concealing Australia’s total iatrogenic death toll.

Lost opportunity.

When she was Minister for Health Sussan Ley stated: “Medicare has only assessed or tested 3% of the 5,700 items to see whether they actually work, are out of date or are even harmful.” Only evidence-based safe products and services should qualify for Medicare funding.

In the year when the medical literature implied some 50,000 iatrogenic deaths, there were no deaths due to chiropractic care. Whose interests does a regulation forbidding chiropractors stating that chiropractic is safer than medicine, or that medicine is more dangerous than chiropractic, serve?

Great evil can exist in the darkness of secrecy it is vulnerable to the light of exposure. In this great wrongdoing, there is no neutrality. You are either a part of the problem, or a part of the solution.

Please forward a copy of this article to your federal MP to and ask her/him to explain her/his silence about the concealment of Australia’s true total iatrogenic death toll. And, circulate a copy to your email network and ask the recipients to do likewise.

P.S. If you find fault with the foregoing let me know:

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