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Questioning the Press Council (20-July 2022)

Dear madam/sir,  a nationwide media blackout about serious misconduct by Australia’s ruling elite keeps Australia’s population ignorant of what is happening.


By serious misconduct, firstly I refer to both the government’s role in containing and eliminating traditional chiropractic in Australia, I am a chiropractor. Secondly, the government cooperates in the global suppression of true and accurate data defining Australia’s epidemic of deaths due to medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder.

Is the Press Council a party to the silence surrounding the decades-long, nationwide absolute absence of news relating to both of those matters?

If “No”, please investigate who prevents Australia’s media from giving both of these important matters the publicity that they deserve.  Please let me know what you discover.

Looking forward to your reply,


Michael McKibbin DC

CC: MP, the Oz Chiropractors email network, our patients etc.