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We have a single nervous system combining our autonomic and musculoskeletal systems.

Medically treating only, the symptom/s of a subluxation-related disorder, while not resolving the subluxation/s causing those symptoms, maintains medical income.

Having a chiropractor locate and adjust the subluxation/s creating the symptoms will remove what causes the symptom/s and that source of medical income.

There is a myriad of subluxation-related symptoms, virtually all of which can never be evidence-based.  A subluxation-related syndrome happens when an individual has numerous subluxation-related symptoms.

Just because a subluxation or syndrome is not evidence-based, does not invalidate its existence.

A chiropractor’s decades-long career seeing many thousands of patients will expose the chiropractor to both unique and common subluxation-related disorders and subluxation-related syndromes.

The National Law confines chiropractors to manage only musculoskeletal symptoms which have a high level of evidence. That denies patients who have subluxation-related symptoms arising from their autonomic nervous system access to appropriate chiropractic care.

Denying patients who have either non-evidence-based subluxation-related disorders and syndromes or symptoms arising from their autonomic nervous system are thus denied access to appropriate chiropractic care.


In this regard, the National Law serves to protect medical incomes from chiropractic competition