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Remember, Please Use Your Five Medicare-Funded Visits To A Chiropractor.

Attadale Chiropractic Clinic



 The government should know that: 1) Australia’s 2017 national workforce survey estimated 5,273 chiropractors managed an estimated 21.3 million patient visits per year.

2) Australia’s 1977 Web Report noted; “the majority of chiropractic patients have attended a medical practitioner for the same specific symptoms they presented to the chiropractor. …. The majority of patients in those studies had discarded conventional medical therapy because of failure to obtain relief –[i]

The Report went on to say; “From these data the conclusion must be drawn that is emerging as an established occupation with a large and growing clientele, the majority of whom report high levels of satisfaction with the treatment they received.”[ii].

3) It would be sound economic management to provide full Medicare coverage for that successful chiropractic care of subluxation-related disorders while curbing the massive waste of Medicare coverage for this failed medical management.

For forty-five years, the government has continued ignoring chiropractic’s outstanding level of success, precluding it from both public health and full Medicare coverage for chiropractic care. Successive governments promote and fund public health’s dangerous medical monopoly.

My fifty years of experience with successive governments confirm that political corruption creates allegiance to the interests of Big Pharma and a betrayal of the health interests of should-be chiropractic patients.

Instead of funding a suitable yearly number of visits to a chiropractor, the government has gifted medical practitioners the sole right to authorise Medicare to provide an inadequate five visits per year to a chiropractor.

Please take the time to ask a GP for a referral for those five visits to a chiropractor.

The best of health to you

Michael McKibbin and staff.

For an appointment call 93305298

Web address attadale+chiropractic+clinic

[i] Report of the committee of enquiry into chiropractic, etc. April 1977. Aust. Govt Publishing Services Canberra 1977 P49

[ii] ibid p449-500


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