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On The Registration of Health Care Professions.

Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McKibbinI encountered our government’s legal discrimination over 50 years ago when I registered as a chiropractor. Without any evidence basis for doing so, all governments exile chiropractors and other non-medical health care groups, who should be able to compete with Medicine, to their private health care marketplaces, thus denying billions of public patients access to chiropractic care.

No country provides direct full, access to chiropractic care within public health.

Seemingly, the incidence of subluxation-related disorders is of similar frequency among public and private patients. With extremely few exceptions, containment within private health denies those public patients who have subluxation-related disorders access to chiropractic care.

I asked Ministers and Shadow Ministers for Health why the government registers and licenses chiropractors and bans us from public health. “To protect patient and public interests“. Their standard reply is directly opposite to reality. It has no evidence-based validation.

I told them that an equivalent per cent of public patients may have subluxation-related disorders and that containment could expose millions of public patients to the risk of inappropriate medical treatment with its risk of medical harm, unnecessary suffering, and expense.

They rejected my observation that guaranteeing no competition via exclusive dealing serves the purpose of protecting Medicine against a significant loss of earnings due to competition.

Question on Notice No.1455 in the WA Hansard on Tuesday 14 March 2000 at page 4777; notes that services of a kind offered by chiropractors are provided by other health professionals operating within the public health system. Within public health, the government funds and gives exclusive trading rights to questionably qualified medical manipulators.

Australia’s public health marketplace employs more than 100,000 people, but not 1 full-time chiropractor. The government, one of Australia’s largest employers, practices absolute employment discrimination when it comes to chiropractic.

These non-evidence-based global arrangements could not have become established nor have remained entrenched without the continuing informed support of people in power and the media.

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