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Spinal Truths

Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McKibbinMany species have spines composed of bones called vertebrae, which protect the spinal cord and nerves.

Intervertebral foramina are mobile tunnels acting as the doorway between the spinal canal and periphery.

Healthy joints can move through their full range of motion, unhealthy joints cannot do that.

Fixated misaligned joints that incur inappropriate long-term overloading degenerate prematurely.

People exceed their spine’s limited load-bearing capacity in a myriad of usually optional ways.

What people do to their spines proves that the weakest part of the human spine is between the ears.

Few people go through life without experiencing a spine-related symptom.

Many/most people acquire and may fail to resolve one or more ongoing spine-related symptom/s.

Often, whiplash will disrupt ideal spinal alignment and as decades go by may trigger symptoms.

Chronic overloading as in obesity, or decades of excessively heavy work may lead to nerve interference.

A majority of senior citizens share a history of decades of painful spinal joint fixations.

There are over 100 different forms of arthritis; these articles are about those that are manageable.

3.9 million Australians have arthritis many of them receive permanent medication.

In 2000, the overall massive financial cost of arthritis in Australia was nearly $9 billion p.a.

Healthcare professionals have distinctly different responses to spinal subluxation-related symptoms.

The medical profession ignores subluxations and medically treats their continuing symptoms.

Chiropractors locate and adjust the subluxation and the body’s intelligence removes the symptom.

We each are responsible to recognise and to have our subluxations corrected.

Good Luck!

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