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"Trust me, I am a Politician!"

Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McKibbinFor fifty years, I have lobbied generations of politicians. I found them to be pleasant, hospitable people.

I told them about the global organised medicine conspiracy to contain and eliminate traditional chiropractic. I described how Australia’s containment means that public patients who had subluxation-related disorders cannot access publicly funded chiropractic care. However, they can access inappropriate, government-funded, medical management of their subluxation-related symptoms for as long as the subluxation continues to create symptoms.

I suggested that they share a public duty to

  1. Know about the harm that containment creates for should-be chiropractic patients.
  2. Oppose the government’s support of the containment of chiropractic.

I told them that my reason for meeting them was to object to State and federal politicians denying public patients access to chiropractic’s appropriate management for subluxation-related disorders, denying chiropractors equal treatment under the law, and for decades of containing chiropractic in the private health marketplace, and the long-term goal of eliminating philosophy-based chiropractic.

In our many meetings, none of them ever provided solid evidence justifying that political wrongdoing.

No federal or State politician stood in parliament to define our government’s evil role in promoting organised medicine’s successful conspiracy to contain and eliminate traditional chiropractic in Australia.

Instead, in recent times, federal politicians transferred chiropractic registration oversight from neutral State registration Boards to be under the influence of a court-proven enemy of chiropractic, organised medicine, in the form of a medically aligned body, AHPRA.

The government and AHPRA are jointly responsible for the enforcement of the current draconian regulations and obligations that 1) discriminate against Australia’s chiropractic community, 2) are contributing to the virtual elimination of Australia’s philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic.

Some 20 years ago, I became aware that the medical literature implied that Australia’s annual deaths due to medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder are in the order of some 50 000 iatrogenic deaths per year. No MP has forewarned potential victims of this deadly epidemic.

I published data about the government omitting to accurately record and publish Australia’s annual iatrogenic death toll while continuing the dastardly deception that public health is acceptably “safe”1. The regulators betrayed public safety by banning chiropractors from publishing that Chiropractic is safer than Medicine or that Medicine is more dangerous than Chiropractic.

The generations of MPs whom I interviewed never publicly opposed that horrific conduct. Instead, their informed silence made, and still makes, all of those MPs either passive or active contributors to this great evil.

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