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Two Brothers Who Played an Important Role in My Life

Jerry McAndrewsWhen I was a student at Palmer Chiropractic College, Dr Jerry McAndrews (at the rear) was a senior staff member.

George McAndrewsI met his brother George (left) when he spoke in Perth about being the lawyer in the court case leading to the conviction of US medical associations of conspiring to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession in the USA and elsewhere. George assured me that “elsewhere” includes Australia.

In the Public Interest Book CoverWhen Dr Jerry McAndrews was the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) Executive Director, he received from an anonymous agent a book, In the Public Interest, written by William Trever, believed to be a pen name. Dr McAndrews also noted that “the book was not truly copyrighted but was printed in someone’s basement.”

Dr. McAndrews personally met with a secret representative of Trever who sold him the rights to the manuscript for $2,500. Adding to the clandestine affair, the carrier would not give McAndrews “a name to make a check out to, so I went to the bank and had a cashier’s check made out to cash. I then had 15,000 copies printed and made them available to the ICA membership. The only change I made to the newly printed copies was to remove the swastika from where it overlaid the medical caduceus on the cover of the original version.”

The release of this sensitive internal information became known as “Operation Sore Throat” and played a role in starting the trial Wilk vs AMA.

This book contains actual photocopies directly from the US AMA’s files revealing its war against chiropractors. That was the smoking gun needed to pursue years of legal action leading to the eventual conviction of US medical associations for conspiring to contain and eliminate chiropractic.

The conviction has had little effect on Australia’s containment of chiropractic. Organised medicine’s global conspiracy is in its concluding stage in Australia.

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