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Two Images of Our One Nervous System

Nervous System Poster

The body has only one nervous system. Both artworks and terminology seem to indicate otherwise. A marketing myth of the medical trade war falsely implies that subluxations only cause musculoskeletal disorders; that they do not affect a wide array of organ-type disorders.

In 1895, the autonomic part of the nervous system played a key role in the discovery of chiropractic when DD Palmer observed that adjusting vertebral subluxations, resolved two dissimilar symptoms, deafness and a heart problem.

Decades ago, autonomic nervous system disorders comprised about 20% of a chiropractor’s practice. A current restraint of trade effectively stops chiropractors from publishing that chiropractic is effective with the many autonomic nervous system subluxation-related symptoms.

During chiropractic’s thriving first century, the efficacy of chiropractic did not need to be validated by high-level evidence. Now the medically aligned regulators contain chiropractic by restricting chiropractors to manage only a few highly evidenced-based musculoskeletal disorders.

AHPRA has not imposed a similar evidence-based restraint upon the medical profession where apparently, upwards of 40% of medical treatments and disorders lack a high level of evidence.

During chiropractic’s first century, we chiropractors used both our clinical experiences and those of our patients to teach the wonders of philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic. Now restraints imposed by AHPRA forbid chiropractors from publishing that information.

During a chiropractor’s career, occasionally a patient who had a unique subluxation-related syndrome receives chiropractic care and responds just as other common ones have. The Chiropractors Association published an article about the threatened abortion of triplets. They are now adults. Under today’s restraint of trade, if another distraught mother-to-be consults a chiropractor about a similar plight, the chiropractor is obliged to refuse to help her with that subluxation-related disorder.

That abhorrent market capture applies to a large number of autonomic nervous system symptoms.

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