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Villainy on a Global Scale

Dr. McKibbinGreetings and welcome, to “Villainy on a Grand Scale.” It is the topic of a series of articles.

As a student chiropractor in the USA, I learned of villainy on a global scale.

Great medical profit exists in global medicine continuing to treat the world’s subluxation-related symptoms for as long as the subluxation continues to cause symptoms, while ignoring subluxations that cause symptoms.

Because philosophy-based chiropractors locate and correct the cause of subluxation-related symptoms, our profession had to be nipped in the bud. In various countries, exclusive laws created a medical monopoly that protected medical incomes by imprisoning chiropractors.

On August 24, 1987, the trial in the US District Court, Wilk et al vs. AMA et al, exposed the Iowa Plan. It aims to destroy the profession of chiropractic in the United States and elsewhere.” Elsewhere in Oz, I spent fifty years fruitlessly opposing that conspiracy.

During my career, the virtual elimination of Australia’s philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic has taken place.

The world’s “sleeping people” remain unaware of this global intrigue because of the media’s deception by omitting to publish information about that great wrongdoing.

Welcome to my real world!

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