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Welcome to a Pet Owner's Introduction to Philosophy-Subluxation-Based Chiropractic

Boots the BunnyReaders of “A Review of Chiropractic Veterinary Science” may wonder why so many chiropractors normally adjust vertebrates:

Midway through the last century, my chiropractor explained how chiropractic philosophy relates to all vertebrates.

Each vertebrate’s inborn intelligence oversees what happens in the vertebrate’s body, 24×7 from conception to death.

The brain and spinal cord are the command centres of the body. The vertebrate’s spine protects the spinal cord and the spinal nerves.

The nervous system serves to both create and transmit the commands created by the vertebrate’s inborn intelligence.

When vertebrae are subjected to excessive stress, muscles tighten causing joints to lose their normal ranges of motion and create nerve interference, producing a “vertebral subluxation”.

When vertebral subluxations disrupt transmission by the vertebrate’s nervous system, there can be detrimental effects that may resonate throughout the entire body.

At the time of death, a vertebrate’s nervous system may be intact. Life’s destiny death occurs when innate intelligence ceases to control and coordinate the vertebrate’s body.

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