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Welcome to an Epiphany

Dr. McKibbinYou may be about to have an epiphany, a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation.

Reading John Archer’s 1995 book, Bad Medicine created an epiphany for me.

He used some of the medical literature to guesstimate that Australia’s annual death toll, due to medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder, was some 50,000 iatrogenic deaths per annum. Medicine’s literature confirmed an iatrogenic epidemic/pandemic.

During the next two decades, I shared a great deal of information with chiropractors, the media and, politicians ratifying that iatrogenic deaths are globally either a/or the leading cause of death. For decades, total silence by the world’s health care Establishment and chiropractors has concealed this real and present danger from impending victims of an annual global death toll. The accumulated decades-long total iatrogenic death toll could stagger the imagination.

Evidence-based medicine never evidences its iatrogenic death toll. No government department collects, collates and, publishes Australia’s annual true total of iatrogenic deaths. That leaves the government report, erroneously titled Cause of Death, allocating other causes of death to some 50,000 deaths due to medical treatment.

I alerted politicians and the media about this dangerous concealment, to no avail. Concealing the cause of an epidemic level of deaths contrasts greatly with the Establishment’s current saturation publicity about far fewer deaths occurring in Australia’s corona epidemic.

Australia’s regulators though obliged to defend patients from harm have imposed bans on chiropractors that deny us the liberty to publish the fact that Chiropractic is safer than Medicine or that Medicine is more dangerous than Chiropractic.

The cream of society, the dangerous people who pretend to be trustworthy while betraying the health and lives of those they control make a mockery of the first duty of government, to protect the public.

In Australia that façade of trustworthiness endangers the lives of thousands of patients per year. Every chiropractor shares an ethical duty to alert her/his patients to that dangerous deception.

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