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Please share your list of trade barriers and restraints.

It is important that chiropractors tell their patients that for fifty years, our politicians have been responsible for imposing numerous trade barriers to contain the growth of chiropractic.

What Does “Contain” Mean to Chiropractic Patients?

On August 24, 1987, the trial in the US District Court, Wilk et al vs. AMA et al, exposed that 12 years of great planning by a team of lawyers and support staff created the global conspiracy to covertly first contain and eventually eliminate chiropractic in the United States and elsewhere.

Remarkably, the “12 years of great planning” has achieved traditional chiropractic’s containment and elimination in Australia while retaining public trust in the health care Establishment.

Chiropractic’s containment evolved into an array of government imposed trade barriers and restraints.

Patient safetys has priority. Around 2,000, I studied a claim in John Archer’s 1995 book “Bad Medicine”. John Archer used some of the medical data about iatrogenesis to guesstimate that Australia has some 50,000 iatrogenic pa.

“Iatrogenic” refers to harm arising from medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder. See:

Successive governments did not collect, collate and publish an accurate account of iatrogenic deaths. Australia’s medical profession and the public health department are yet to forewarn public patients of the true risk of Australia’s continual iatrogenic epidemic.

Although Australia’s chiropractic annual death toll is zero, some of the “good people” created a restraint that bans chiropractors from publishing that chiropractic is safer than medicine or that medicine is more dangerous than chiropractic.

Lying by Omission. For over fifty years, our government has omitted to publicise that vertebral subluxations create many adverse effects, which chiropractic care can alleviate.

Precluding chiropractic from all public health facilities and programs. It is reasonable to assume that subluxation-related disorders are as common among public patients as they are among private patients. Our government denies those patients direct access to Medicare funded chiropractic care.

Failure to refer. Australia’s medical profession shares an ethical duty to be aware of chiropractic’s good outcomes and to refer patients who have subluxation-related disorders to chiropractors. Instead, GPs betray patient interest by ignoring the subluxations and profit from treating subluxation-related symptoms with drugs and/or surgery, for as long as the subluxation continues to create symptoms.

A majority of chiropractic’s new patients share a history of prior government funding for failed medical treatment. Later as non-referred private patients, a majority of them have successful chiropractic care that does not attract direct government funding.


Michael McKibbin DC