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Why Does the Government Stop My Chiropractor From...

Dr. McKibbinWithin Australia and over decades, millions of prior failed medical public patients have shared satisfactory outcomes following chiropractic care for those same symptoms. I encourage our patients to email and ask their MP, Why does the government stop my chiropractor from:

  • Providing adequate, directly accessible fully Medicare-funded chiropractic care?
  • Publishing the fact that chiropractic’s usual death toll is zero, while the medical literature reveals thousands of deaths per year due to medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder?
  • Practicing philosophy-subluxation based-chiropractic?
  • Publishing the fact that chiropractors focus on managing subluxation-related disorders.
  • Caring for a wide array of non-evidence-based musculoskeletal and visceral, organ, subluxations related symptoms?
  • Providing chiropractic care to public patients, including hospitalised and imprisoned patients?
  • Publishing positive chiropractic information within government-funded health care publications?
  • Publishing chiropractic’s successful patient outcomes while every day the medical profession’s PR people advertise positive medical stories in our news media?
  • Signing initial worker’s compensation certificates?
  • Being paid by the government for consulting and caring for veterans, with no need for a medical referral?

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