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Why Palmer?


Palmer in the 1960s.

Palmer Campus

Today’s Palmer Chiropractic College[i]

In the 1960s, I attended Palmer Chiropractic College, largely to learn the concepts of philosophy, innate intelligence, and subluxations.

Philosophy.[ii] Palmer’s philosophy subscribed to the view that Universal Intelligence guided the creation of the universe and its orderly conduct for billions of years.[iii]

The universe began about 13.8 billion years ago[iv].

The current guestimate of the number of planets in the universe is 21.6 sextillion.[v] That is 21,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe (2 plus 23 zeros).  The actual universe may be many times the size of the observable universe.

Palmer taught that innate intelligence is essential to life.[vi]

The genetic code is (nearly) universal. With some minor exceptions, all living organisms on Earth use the same genetic code.[vii]  Every life form comes into being; functions, reproduces, and we all die.

A form of cellular intelligence is essential for the recognition and uptake of substances that are essential to life. Some form of intelligence exists even at a cellular level, please view.[viii]

From conception, an inborn intelligence oversaw two cells evolve into a newborn baby having ‘some 26,000,000,000 cells.[ix] Humans develop into an adult having somewhere between 34 and 37 trillion cells that function innately in a coordinated manner 24 by 7 for the individual’s life span.

The vertebrate’s spine-related nervous system serves as Innate’s main highway of communication between the brain and the body. Directly and indirectly, innate intelligence has a body-wide influence.

Disturbance to parts of the nervous system may compromise Innate’s flow of intelligence both to and from the brain and to, and from, the various organs and cells of the body of vertebrates,[x] such as Bella.[xi]

The role of a philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractor is to find and remove this inference to a vertebrate’s nervous system, known as a subluxation.[xii]

A philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractor’s career creates the opportunity to assist thousands of patients, who have nerve interference-related symptoms, to remove that interference and to have Innate restore normal function.




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