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The Elimination Of B.J. Palmer's Chiropractic Philosophy

BJ Philosophy pointA Universal Intelligence created the universe guiding its orderly function for billions of years. The expression of Universal Intelligence is in all living things as an Innate Intelligence that guides successful function. In humans, when joint disruption to orderly communication via the spine-related nervous system occurs, Innate creates symptoms, letting that person know that something is wrong.

Chiropractors locate the site of that spine-related disruption to assist the power that guides the healthy function of the body to restore normal function. Chiropractors refer to those spinal faults as “subluxations”.

A chiropractor’s career presents the opportunity to correct many thousands of subluxations.  We have observed Innate remove a wide array of subluxation-related symptoms confirming that we work with the power that made the body and where possible, Innate heals the body.

BJ’s chiropractic philosophy creates an alternative to profiting from drugs or surgery. Medical associations conspired to covertly contain and eliminate chiropractic in the USA and elsewhere.  In the 1960s, for 12 years, US AMA employed a team of lawyers and support staff to create such a program.

On September 25, 1987, Judge Getzendanner issued her opinion that the AMA had violated Section of the Sherman Act and that it had engaged in an unlawful conspiracy in restraint of trade “to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession.” [i]

Most people are unaware that Australia’s media and our successive corrupt governments are a party to the covert elimination of B.J. Palmer’s philosophy-based chiropractic.

This global conspiracy has continued and has influenced these changes:  Language is the cornerstone of a profession’s identity, Chiropractic’s professional identity has been changed by 1) eliminating courses in philosophy-subluxation-based chiropractic and, 2) replacing them with a medically aligned evidence-based-mechanistic, musculoskeletal version, but still calling it chiropractic.

“Leaders from 9 European, Australian, and South African chiropractic training programs, have suggested that the term (chiropractic philosophy) should only be used historically.” [ii] “The teaching of vertebral subluxation complex as a vitalistic construct that claims that is the cause of disease is unsupported by evidence. Its inclusion in a modern chiropractic curriculum in anything other than an historical context is therefore inappropriate and unnecessary.”

That position is discredited by:  The Vertebral Subluxation Premise.

Worldwide twenty-five chiropractic colleges continue teaching philosophy-subluxation based chiropractic.



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